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Boat-apartment Stormvogel Rotterdam

Experience a sailing boat!

Stay the night on a seagoing ship? This is possible in Rotterdam! De Stormvogel is moored in Rotterdam during a few months per year which makes it possible to book the ship. Everything in this ship shows that this is a ship that is able to rule the waves! The hotel boat is moored at the ‘Kop van Zuid’ at a short distance from the public transport and the city center.

Boat hotel in the interesting new part of Rotterdam

Suitable for max 8 persons

Apartment from 245 euro per day
✓ Living room with 2 singlebeds
✓ 2 bedrooms with doublebeds
 1 bedroom with a bunk bed
Gally with dining room

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Unique stay in the middle of the center! Boat hotel offers the best botels, suites and apartments in the center of Rotterdam and Amsterdam!

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